RB02 Bench
Manufactured by Johan Viladrich
Eindhoven, 2019
stainless steel rods, aluminium pro les, steel tubes, black rubber bands

200 cm x 24 cm x 35 cm h
78,74 in x 9,44 in x 13,77 in h

Edition of 8 + 2AP

A pure design with essential forms is what characterises the aesthetic of Johan Vila- drich.
In his work he aims to reveal the inherent beauty of materials through re ned surface treatments and subtle combinations. He uses the mass of metals such as bronze, steel or copper to create radical structures in which all super uous elements have disappeared.
Johan attaches as much importance to the nal appearance of his pieces as to the mechanisms making them exist. Bolts, straps and joints are magni ed and turned into intrinsic parts of a whole. The designs are transparent and each piece is a search for balance, only reachable through a meticulous work of proportions.