Catalunya, 1968
Silver Gelatin

24cm wide x 18cm hight
9,44in wide x 7,08in hight

His work is reminiscent of neorealism and is representative of the years of Spanish economic recovery, 1950-1960. His photographs show him as a creator of a new image of the city and its people. In 1998 he received the Creu de Sant Jordi of the Catalan government.

Xavier Miserachs i Ribalta (July 12, 1937 – August 14, 1998) studied medicine at the University of Barcelona, but left school to become a photographer.

Miserachs was the youngest member of a group of photographers led by Francesc Català-Roca including: Oriol Maspons, Ricard Terré, Paco Ontañón, Leopold Pomés, and Ramon Masats. In 1963 he published his own magazine, Image and Sound, taking the same direction of Sala Aixelà of Barcelona.

His publication in Barcelona, Blanc y Negre, in 1964, was a significant event in Miserachs’s career. The book also looked upon the sour and chaotic urban world as they complete the visions of Barcelona (Wolfgang Weber, 1929 and Català-Roca, 1954), and went beyond charming and picturesque character, conveying a new sensitivity