Pod 2,
London 2017,
wild silk, jute, hemp, cotton and linen and wire

150cm wide × 100cm deep x 240cm hight
59,05in wide x 39,37in deep x 94,48in hight

At the centre of Kang’s work is an appreciation of, and truth to her raw materials. Wrapping, binding and knotting silk, linen and jute Soojin allows the muted beauty of her fibrous forms to take centre stage. Subtle nuances of texture, colour and material are combined with an emphasis on sustainable craftsmanship and the handmade. Imperfection and the incomplete are actively welcomed. Kang’s work places as much importance on that which exists as that which does not. Through her harnessing of the poetic effect found in the ‘interval’, the space in-between she creates a dynamic and compelling tension between inner and outer, positive and negative and hard and soft. Intensely organic in form, her works conjure up a wealth of associations of the natural world.

Soojin Kang was born in 1978 in Seoul, Korea and lives and works in London, UK. She graduated with an MFA from Central St. Martins in 2009 and has been committed to her full time art practice ever since.

Kang’s work evolved from an early interest in fashion and textile design and spans woven sculpture, tapestry, installation and video for which she is receiving notable critical and institutional acclaim.