London of course
New York, 2014
Coloured pencils on paper

76 x 5 x 57h cm
29,92 x 1,96 x 22,44h in

Silvina Arismendi was born in 1976 in Montevideo, Uruguay. Since 2003, she has exhibited in many European cities, as well as in Latin America and the United States. In 2007 she founded galería parásito/…, which is a curatorial platform for the cultural exchange between Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NYC.

The work is Arismendi’s universe, product of measurable volumes, motion and wavelengths of light. It prevails as literal conclusions drawn from an unrelenting research of materials, supplies and remodeling. In an almost casual and brief gesture, Arismendi transforms a myriad of objects, gathered from everyday life, and compiles them within a surrealist principle – the output is a rhapsodical configuration of the familiar, all in blissful technicolor.
The artist attempts to give order by measuring her time, her work and her possibilities – obsessive repetition provides coined systems unique to the artist alone. The series entitled the drawing seasons comprise of florid works on paper that are bound to Arismendi’s juncture of creativity. the pieces are con- fined to be realized in the lapse of a tv-episode, from start to end – the result is a body of fluid geometrical structures that express a moment when the mind is on auto-run. they verge on the massonian, arrangements of shapes created within in a brief, contiguous period of time. it is disciplined practice based on a framework of automatism.