Freestanding table,
“Candy Cubes” Series,
Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2017
High polished single cast resin

60cm wide x 60cm deep x 30cm hight
23,62in hight x 23,62in hight x 11,81in hight

50cm wide x 50cm deep x 50cm hight
19,68in wide x 19,68in deep x 19,68in hight

60cm wide x 60cm deep x 60cm hight
23,62in wide x 23,62in deep x 23,62in hight

Seemingly solid objects with a magical glowing edge. Available in custom sizes and colors upon request.
The unique translucent and highly polished properties of the material give a magical effect to these multi-functional
pieces. Sabine works across a varied field within design but always strives to create a dialogue between the object and the user. She sees her designs as experiences, not mere static pieces; with functionality complimented through aesthetics at the core.

Sabine Marcelis is a Dutch/New Zealand product designer who has her studio based in Rotterdam, (NL).
After graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2011 she has been working as an independent designer and has received several awards for her work including the 2012 Braun Prize. The importance of collaborations are a big part of Sabine’s vision for design, she has undertaken various collaborative efforts with other designers, industry and brands.