Wall lamp
From the “Voie light Series”
Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2017
Pink resine and neon

Limited edition of 5 exemplaries.

88 Ø cm
34,64 Ø in

The ‘voie’ light series is the result of an investigation into the manipulation of light-paths. Having chosen neon as the primary light source, the designed objects create an interception on the path the light follows through the addition of a singular extra material.
The addition of cast polyester resin diffuses the light path and in turn uses the light source to enhance the colour properties within the resin. A new moment is created when this mutually beneficial relationship is formed between materials, defining the unique properties of each where the two meet.

Sabine Marcelis is a Dutch/New Zealand product designer who has her studio based in Rotterdam, (NL).
After graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2011 she has been working as an independent designer and has received several awards for her work including the 2012 Braun Prize. The importance of collaborations are a big part of Sabine’s vision for design, she has undertaken various collaborative efforts with other designers, industry and brands.