Endless n9,
Madrid, 2014
Stainless steel

80 x 108 x 97 cm perímeter
31,49in x 42,51 x 38,18cm perimeter

Rafa Munárriz, born 1990, lives and works between Madrid and São Paulo. He graduated in Fine Arts from the UCM with stays at the universities ABK Stuttgart (Germany), SAIC (USA) and USP (Brazil); and postgraduate by FAAP (Brazil).
The artistic practice of Munárriz arises from the understanding and questioning of urban space. Is interested in the succession of confrontations that stand between the citizen and their environment, seeking to question the relationship between the creation and artificial negation of space. Understanding as artificial what is projected. Analyzing it against the fortuitous in the construction and deconstruction of urban space.
With a visibly spatial and sculptural practice, its interest lies in the relationship that the viewer generates between the artistic work and its own reality as a citizen, that is, it tries to interfere in the relationship that this may have with its own spatial environment through of the interpretation of the various elements that compose it.