Rust Live Edge Forms,
Los Angeles, 2018
Mohair, cotton and satin finish aluminum

63,5cm wide x 5,08cm deep x 76cm hight
25in wide x 2in deep x 30in hight

Mimi Jung’s work examines multiple dimensions of self-preservation, particularly as it relates to private and public self-representation, and the ways in which those depictions are manifest through social and cultural mores. Her constructed forms, with their voids and translucencies, are fixed but never static; the viewer actively controls the experience of transit around and through them—reflecting inward on their own behaviors. In the end, Jung’s limning of space is reflexive, visible to those who are predisposed to see it.

Born in 1981 in Seoul, Korea, Mimi Jung studied at Cooper Union and HGK Basel. She has mounted exhibitions through out the United States including Chamber gallery, Nina Johnson gallery, Collective Design Fair and Design Miami/. Her work has also been exhibited in Les Gens Heureux in Copenhagen, Collectible in Brussels and Somerset House in London. Her first museum exhibition will open on August of 2018 at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne with Broached Commissions. She lives and works in Los Angeles