LUNA PAIVA (1980- )

Sculpture, Bronze Tallo B
Argentina, 2016
Edition of 1 of 5

12 ø x 92 cm.
4.72 ø x 36.22 in.

Luna Paiva was born in Paris in 1980, she currently lives in Argentina since 1983. She graduated from La Sorbonne with a License in History of Art and Archeology and in NYU in Film Direction

Luna Paiva gilds objects that were not born to be art, but had a nude life of their own. Mounted rocks, succulent plants and cacti, they are species of a wild realm that seems habitu- al: inhabitants of Creation, like us. Her objects speak of a life that preexisted the human eye, transformed by the gilding effect of the human eye. Her gilded still lifes play with the sacred layers of fetish present in contemporary art but also spanning from an ancient tradition, where casting gold embodied a sacred an- ima. Ready-mades of nature gilded for profane adoration.

Nogueras Blanchard, “Origen Futuro”, Barcelona (Spain), September 2016
ARCO Fair, Nogueras Blanchard, Madrid (Spain), February 2017
Palau de Casavells, Summer Show, Casavells (Spain), June 2017

Signed and dated “Luna Paiva 2016” this work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity by the artist.