Seven columns, four paintings,
Amsterdam, 2017
Acrylic and mat coating on plywood

33cm wide x 33cm deep x 295cm hight
12,99in wide x 12,99in deep x 116,14in hight

Esther Tielemans is an Amsterdam-based artist and painter whose work examines dimension, space, color and landscape. Her glossy, painted panels culminate in installations, both indoors and outdoors, which imbue sensation and emotion in the viewer. There is a distinct theatricality to her works, challenging the medium of painting to exciting new frontiers.

Esther Tielemans was born Helmond, NL in 1976
She lives and works in Amsterdam, NL. She has been awarded with the ‘Wolvecampprijs” in 2014, NL, Hengelo ‘Prix de Rome 2005’, NL, ‘De koninklijke subsidie voor vrije schilderkunst’, NL and‘Buning Brongers prijs’.