Rio con barcas
Venice, 2019
Acrylic on linen

150 x 198h cm
59 x 77,95h in

Carolina Antich was born in Rosario, Argentina in 1970. She lives and works in Venice, Italy. In 2005 she was a finalist in the Prize for Young Italian Art at the 51st Edition Venice Biennale. and has been exhibited extensively in Europe and The United States.
Antich´s paintings echo the private, mysterious and often of the brutal world with its animosities and joyous discoveries. Her subjects are part caught between two realms, reality and reverie. painting is always her leitmotive.
The world Antich depicts in these paintings is intentionally hyper-real, both eccentric and highly meditative. Underneath her apparently simple surfaces, she offers the viewer a pro- found critique on the division between child and adulthood. Her children seek to physically and emotionally adjust to the adult world while her adult characters retain a childlike demeanor, which at times makes it difficult to distinguish their gender and age. This uncertainty makes us wonder: are these in fact adults or are we still observing children imitating adults? Ambiguity prevails as Antich invites us to peer into and explore her version of a playful but perplexing world.