Set of six dining chairs
Manufactured by Audoux-Minet
France, 1950
Wood, rope

50 cm x 48 cm x 98h cm
19,68 in x 18,89 in x 38,58h in

Union des Artistes Modernes (UAM) was established in 1929 by a group of Modernist designers including, among others, Charlotte Perriand, Francis Jourdain, Louis Sognot and Pierre Chareau.
The UAM were committed to a design ethic based upon new, accessible materials and technologies, representing the reali- ties of modern life. The innovative use of cheap materials such as sea grass, rush, pine, tubular metal, along with techniques such as lamination, created a fresh approach to design which was accessible to a broader demographic. Audoux-Minet’s designs t perfectly with the UAM paradigm and they became contributing members.
The most recognisable designs by Audoux-Minet were simple frames clad in woven abaca, designed for the company Vibo Vesoul. Audoux-Minet also had a retail outlet in Golfe-Juan; this Provencal coastal town bordered Vallauris, where Picasso was working at the time. This area became a hotbed of ar- tistic creativity, not to mention a destination for af uent trave- llers. Audoux-Minet would have claimed that they were drawn to Golfe-Juan by its artistic reputation and not the wealthy clientele, which would have contradicted the UAM manifesto. However, this would have certainly been a convenient bonus.